Drop Servicing Business in Nigeria

Starting a drop servicing business in Nigeria is a good way to start making passive income online with less to no investment. The best service for entrepreneurs.

 It’s a business model that takes advantage of other people’s work leaving you with less work. More quality control of your business, ensuring that every work done by your freelancers are review for quality check before accepting it thereby being a top-quality service provider which is very good for business.

Pros of Drop Servicing

  • Recurring Income

With a well good drop servicing business, one can make money online on monthly basis with no additional cost.

  • Low Start-Up

The only start up should be creating your website page where you display the type of services you offer. You don’t have to invest in any service skills, everything can be outsourced to the person hired to get the work done easily

  • No Returns/Refund

It is a lot less risky because you don’t have to worry about returns or product being legit.

  • No Shipping of Products

With drop servicing you don’t have to bother about shipping and logistic because your servicing is a digital one.

Cons of Drop Servicing

  • Freelancers work demands

It’s better to have more than one freelancers in case you have an urgent service to be provider and one freelancer is busy with another work. You can use another freelancer.

  • Time Required

It takes a lot of time in a drop servicing business. Time required to set the business up, time needed to get clients and time needed for the freelancer to finish the service.

Drop Servicing Websites

  • Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform where freelancers can offer their services by posting “gigs”. Fiverr takes 20% of all seller’s earnings. Many companies and entrepreneurs use freelancers on fiverr to get work done easily and cheaply.

To start a drop servicing business on fiverr you’ll need to set up an account and select the type of services to provide from the categories that are in demand and find a good quality freelancer for outsourcing the services you selected by reviewing their gigs.

As a drop servicer you profit by selling services at higher rate than you bought them. Fiverr freelancer don’t sell their services at a cheap price, these freelancers are certainly not cheap. When you find a freelancer that you’d like to drop service their service always contact them and know if they can do the work.

  • Shopify

Shopify is an ecommerce platform which helps in selling physical and digital products but can be used to sell services to your customers. It is the leading platform.

Just like fiverr, a drop servicer needs to set up an account on shopify and select a service that has low competition and high search volume on google.

Then find reliable freelancers that has good rating and reviews. Remember pricing your service is an important part.

Drop Service Pro

It’s an online white label digital service website which provides you the right website template and digital services for your Digital drop servicing business and also help you fulfil your orders at ease on autopilot without the a single click.

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