Menards Class Action Alleges Deceptive Rebate Program

You receive an 18% discount on a purchase that would have normally cost $350.00

Buys or sells your securities it will do so at prices that reflect the estimated value determined by reference to such pricing models at that time. Will buy or sell your securities at any time also will reflect its then current bid and ask spread for similar sized trades of structured securities. Please read “Additional Risk Factors Specific to Your Securities — The Market Value of Your Securities May Be Influenced by Many Unpredictable Factors” on page S-18. For information about the underlier levels during recent periods, see “The Underlier — Historical Closing Levels of the Underlier” below. Before investing in the securities, you should consult publicly available information to determine the underlier level between the date of this prospectus supplement and the date of your purchase of the securities.

You receive an 18% discount on a purchase that would have normally cost $350.00

I have not received my rebate for a purchase on July 30th, 2020. I’ve been waiting of the rebate to start another outdoor project at my home. The rebate was going to pay for about 30% of the materials and without the rebate I can’t continue to do the project at this time. I’ve checked the rebate status every day for the last 2 weeks and also emailed Customer Service with no response. I have mailed 2 $100+ rebate forms/receipts going back to June 2020 and have yet to receive anything. All of my smaller rebates were processed and received over the years but not these 2 latest big ones.

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Always seemed like when I made big purchases. Should have just bought the flooring at Lowe’s as they had a a sale on flooring too, but Menards was better.. What is even more deceptive about that program is that item pricing online shows the rebate as a discount on that item. But if you buy it, you pay full price. Since the buyer does not get a cash rebate, the price of that particular item for that particular purchase is NOT discounted at all. If you apply for and get the rebate, it only applies to a FUTURE purchase.

You receive an 18% discount on a purchase that would have normally cost $350.00

Been over 2 months now, I have always received them before. I also have mailed in multiple rebates. I did receive 1 of 5 mailed in for the May purchase 12weeks later and after many email contacts. Purchase was made in May June July and August. Menards owes hundreds if not thousands over the years. After being a loyal customer for years I’m done with them. In particular I KNOW I’m owed about $200 from some fence panels I bought there this past spring.

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We manage to get the rebate certificate for $10 on small purchases but the big amounts seem to disappear. Over the past year I have sent in numerous rebates to Menards only to receive nothing back. I even quit sending them in because I figure I am saving money on the stamps. I go to other stores that offer a military discount and I don’t have to jump through hoops to save money. Bought pole barn materials expecting a nice rebate and have received/heard nothing. Trying to track the status on their web site provides no information and it’s been well over 8 weeks! Tried to message rebate company and response was to use their website..

You receive an 18% discount on a purchase that would have normally cost $350.00

Since about April 2020, the rebates took longer to arrive and didn’t match the dollar amounts on the receipts. I chalked this up to people not working due to the pandemic, and also possibly due to human error in calculating the rebate amount. I have experienced those same issues with them. Bot new washer & dryer in 2018 & did not received my 11% rebate.

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Sent in atleast 4 separate envelopes, haven’t seen even 1 rebate check yet, can’t find any of them on their site. The wife and I have spent thousands in the last few months on remodeling our house. Everything was sent in three months ago, we are owed approximately $350 in rebates and have not received a penny. One time I received a rebate that took so long to get to me that it expired before I even got it. And they wouldn’t do anything about it. I seriously reduced shopping at Menards and definitely stopped doing their rebate program. I have mailed in several rebates for my daughter and myself but haven’t received anything back from Menards as of December 26, 2020.

  • You’ll likely need to let them inside.
  • If the retailers really wanted to give you x% off, they’d just put the item on sale.
  • I just always figured they got lost in the mail.
  • The lender ordered a re-appraisal of the condo that I’m trying to buy and asked me to pay for the second appraisal fee.
  • I still spend $300 to $400 per Month but not at MENARDS.

I have the same problem, I have over 50 dollars , coming back, I got a rebate of 5.28 today. I contacted them, David because of COVID, they can’t get the rebates out fast enough. Apparently the 11% rebate offer is a scam? It isn’t even a rebate, it is offered as a store credit with an expiration date. Each rebate ‘eligible’ item seems to have a different requirement and it is not spelled out legibly on any of the signs. The not clear explanations of the rebates are in very tiny print on the forms.

Started a petition in my neighborhood and now neighbors don’t shop there but go to Home Depot instead. Will be starting a class action suit as well.

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I think, buyer beware this is just another scam to get people to buy more. I just Googled ‘why didn’t I receive my full rebate’ and ended up here.

  • I too have submitted several rebates over the last year or so and have NEVER received a single thing back.
  • Therefore, the return on your securities will not reflect the return you would realize if you actually owned the underlier stocks included in the underlier and received the dividends paid on those underlier stocks.
  • Dont appreciate being lured in with BS and wasting my time.
  • I’m waiting to use the rebate on another purchase but I wont buy anything there until they uphold their end.
  • I was suppose to get $475.22 rebate, it even said that on my paper wrk .
  • Tried to go to the tracking site but it was too difficult.
  • Should receive over $500 back in rebates but nothing yet.

Make sure the money is protected and the loan repaid. Great Lakes Paper, purchased one month before interest date.

I purchased over $1500 of building materials and mailed the rebate form in over three months ago and have not received my rebate. Nothing was on sale so it all qualified for the 11% rebate and I mailed the receipt and form in well before the cut off date. Their website doesn’t show it has been received.


Many factors play into the perception of the information they have. These are red flags to the lender that may or may not have substance. It’s up to the lender to decide to have another appraisal or move on with the initial approval. After talking to another lender they tell me the lender usually just moves on with the initial appraisal. Our lender decided to have another appraisal.

My mailings have been photocopied because years ago this happened to me. I was in the store today and asked the customer service person what was going on and he said Menards has nothing to do with rebates it is Rebate International.

Also was told the dates for sending rebates out has been pushed out due to so many customers sending in for rebates as well as things related to the Covid matter. Menards could easily give 11% off the items at the register, but instead know many people will not bother to send in the receipts and wait for a store credit. I have $1,300.00 worth of rebates and haven’t received anything from them. Sent on a rebate for $101.00 dollars in September and never received rebate.

What If The Appraisal Is Lower Than The Purchase Price?

Probably end of last year I asked a check out lady how long does it take to rebates. I spent over $3000 remodling a home I bought in May. I sent in all the rebate portion of the receipts together in one envelope with my form.

Yet every ad whether it is on TV or in store flyers they claim “11% off of EVERYTHING! ” This is false advertising because it is not true. We will never enter that store or any Menard’s again. I sent in over 1000 dollars jn receipts and haven’t received a thing back. Menard’s is cheating me out of my rebates habitually. I follow all the correct procedures regarding the submission of the rebates and never hear from them. I contact them via email regarding the status and am advised that the rebate was either issued or they have no record of it.

They need to be taken to court and pay damages to customers they flat our stole from. You can lose a substantial portion of your investment in the securities. Thus, you may lose a substantial portion of your investment in the securities. Therefore, the closing level of the underlier on dates other than a call observation date will have no effect on whether your securities are automatically called. This 11% SCAM has been going on for years if not decades. And details about who,what,when, where, how and sometimes why people continue to go there and purchase items believing their saving 11% on their purchases, is beyond me. I understand the complaint here is pointed toward people not receiving their rebate check.

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It feels like they intentionally make it difficult and drag it out so they don’t have to pay these out. I’ve spent thousands of dollars at Menards and this is not the way to keep me as a customer. I purchased cabinets totally about $2700 and sent rebate in right away at the end of November.

I don’t know why I continue to shop at Menards. They are the worst store for customer service I have ever dealt with. As for the rebate program – well, it is just a joke – a very UN-funny joke.

I don’t like the fact that you have to go back and spend it there. Prior to COVID the rebates have been good . Since then it has been Long and difficult to get a rebate.

Appraised Value Higher Than The Purchase Price?

I have a complaint about the Menards rebate program. I jumped through all the hoops only You receive an 18% discount on a purchase that would have normally cost $350.00 to be told the rebate that showed as issued could be reported as lost or stolen.

I will go through the procedure a person at the Service Counter at Menards shared with me and see what results I obtain. I may have inadvertently missed it in the mail, but I was told they can always reissue another credit voucher if needed and the original one was never issued or was lost in the process. What I find HILARIOUS now, though, is on their website, after one purchases something and they “offer” the rebate? The fine print on the rebate for now includes a block stating that, but submitting form, the sender agrees to settle all disputes through arbitration, and waived the right to participate in any class action suits. Waiting for over $500 worth in rebates. Checked the status, says they were mailed back on April 26, 2021.

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